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ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Itís very clear that energy technology will become the other frontrunner in technological development, besides bio technology and glass technology. Silicon Valley her research and venture capital is already switching away from computer technology. Google her two founders are huge VC investors in solar energy and wind energy. Energy technology is just in the beginning of its technological growth. Cheap oil had made energy tech complexly fossil energy focused. The enormous price rise of Hydro Carbons makes energy technology very interesting. The energy budget of the world is huge. There is no better industry to work for, research for and invest in than the energy technology industry. A substantial part of the total GDP of the world is spend on fossil energy. The market for energy technology is beyond human expectation. The huge advantages make currently in energy tech research and in realization of energy tech based production lines for the huge global demand for energy technology are certainly a huge tail wind in times of PeakOil.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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