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As elements supply will deplete, glass technology will rise enormously. Glass technology will replace a lot of the aluminum and iron demand in the global economy. Replacing copper by glass technology is not possible, because glass is an isolator. This will be a problem because the world needs copper in large, very large quantities as the world switch from combustion motor based power to electrical power. Glass can be formed in any form, and doesn't oxidize and erodes very slow. Like by concrete, glass will be enforced with high temperature resistant fibers. Glass will replace iron a lot, even as concrete is replaying iron also a lot. Even the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia are completely made of concrete, without a steel frame (something to big for such basic material changing experiments was the common thought by that). All glass structures will get attached or build-in solar cells. Skyscrapers will become energy neutral by this change. All skyscrapers their outside will be replace with new glass technology.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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