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Fresh food production will become local and very high tech by use of Grow|OS. Grow/OS is a transparent conversion layer between a wide variety of greenhouse sensoring and controlling hardware on the one side and the best crop specific settings software files on the other side. What will be the effect of Grow|OS? Grow|OS makes it possible to convert the right crop settings to sensors and switches and integrated functional units of which the maker of a crop profile never has heard of. It makes crop profiles hardware independent. Crop profiles just gives the right setting values placed in a time frame to Grow|OS and Grow|OS make sure that these values are realized. Grow|OS is best to described as a translating of commanding agency. Farmers or institutes define the best (max result, lowest energy use, just in time harvestable) settings in a time frame (Crop Profiles). They don't have to worry about reading from and talking to technology: that is what Grow/OS does for them. So they make their best settings and Grow|OS 'translate' these to the hardware that realizes these settings for them. Grow|OS will have a huge effect on agricultural production and therefore on the agricultural market. Crop maximalization treatment knowledge will be 'kept' of 'put' in just a crop setting specific datafile that can deployed anywhere in the world. It will initiate a complete revolution in greenhouse based agriculture. Now crop specialization and scale enlargement is the number one development (because crop knowledge makes the profit), after/by Grow|OS, crop specialization and scale enlargement will completely descend as developments of the past. Farmers (and even just capital investors) will be able to grow any crop the best way in any (also low) qualities with the best quality and for the lowest costprice. Off-season and off-climate. As close as possible to the consumption areas. Grow|OS will change both agricultural production and availability of its products placed in seasons tremendously. Grow|OS will made vegetable, fruit, flowers, herbs and fish affordable available to any world inhabitant, even when oil prices reaches rocket high positions and in areas where soil is very expensive. Grow|OS also will have impact on the way urban development plans will be designed. Creating underground food production facilities that don't consume expensive earth surface soil/space.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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