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The worldwide possibilities of wind power are just only slightly discovered. As oil prices will reach levels of above $ 200/300 wind power (both huge central and massive decentral) will be a very attractive business case or investment. Wind power technology is yet not developed full as many sources states. The wind speed flexibility both in any wind power generating technology, as in heavy wind force regulation (water filled flywheels) certainly can be improved. The initial/setup cost prices can be lowered with certainly 50%, improving the wind power investment versus revenue rates severely, certainly in times with doubling oil prices. There is an enormous challenge for huge central parks on seas, steppes and sea sides. Everywhere the wind is blowing wind energy is attractive. There is also an enormous challenge for massive decentral windmills nearby cities/villages and on building roofs. On roof these windmills will be vertical axed (most quiet and less vibration) and there will be 1, 2, 3 or 4 windmills on each roof (one on each corner). By the enormous volume of this contributing severely to the decentral power generation wave that will taken place when the current coal price rise will hit the corporate/household consumers globally delayed in 2009 The one year suspension is caused by the contract long term coal purchase contracts power companies have. The power companies all hasn't except the fact current huge coal price rise and are still in denial concerning future high prices. Cheap and abundant coal is over. Coal power is becoming expensive, even without the expensive CO2 capturing and permanent storing solutions. Building new coal power plants is not wise, as China already build 500 mega size versions of them. The global coal reserves are fairly overrated worldwide and low price exploration has certainly become something of the past. Wind power is all about installed capacity. Installed wind power capacity is all about 1) initial costs, 2) maintenance costs, 3) local annual wind hours/intensity, and 4) fossil originated power market prices. New ships will also been build with retractable windmills as fossil fuel prices rises more and more. As the wind market accelerates by rising fossil energy prices cash free windmill initial (purchase/installation) payment models will occur on the market, mainly driven by financials backed manufacturers, retail chains, web shops, banks, telco's, installation companies and current power companies, (driving the volume to maximum levels, like it have done in the GSM market) and also placement locations will become a market of its own. Companies and households mostly will decide to do an overall decentral power investment, but the partial solutions certainly will gain market share in the early stage of the massive decentral energy generating capacity market. There is certainly a need for a wind power knowledge company that exactly knows where worldwide the best PV equipment production processes can be bought. Wind power knowledge and wind power equipment production will be two different types of economic sectors.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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