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Planck Foundation currently operates the following research projects:

Geothermal Energy, Virtual Building based Fusion Energy, Cold Electrolysis, Quantum Dots PV Energy, Deserttech (power, water and food out of deserts harvested by on site manufactured equipment), Energy focused/narrowed Quantitative Easing, Percolating Up Quantitative Easing, Energy focused/narrowed Securitization, Gold Leasing and Risks, Hydro Carbons in the Universe, Abiotic and Semibiotic Deep Hydro Carbons, Deep Hydro Carbon Geology, Wind Energy, Thick Oil Well Clean Warming Microwave Technology, Tar Sand Clean Warming Microwave Technology, Tar Sand to Power Clean Technology, Energy Politics, Energy Finance, Energy Transition, Energy Transition Finance Model, Geo Politics, Geo Strategy, Geo Economics, Geo Engineering and Risks, Global Tensions and Sparcs, Global Cooperation and Peace, Military Force and Democracy, Food Safety, Food Volume, Agricultural Profitability, Meat Replacers, Bio Physics in Agriculture, Bio Symbiosis in Agriculture, GMO, DNA Patenting, DNA Seed Banks, Urban Food Production, Irrigation, Physics Based Insect Removing Technology, Insect Protein Burger Paste, Water Purification, Physics Based Health Diagnosis, Physics Based Health Treatment, Bio Chemical Health Treatment, Spreading Wealth, Sustainable Prosperity, Creation or Distribution of Wealth, Distribution or Concentration of Power, Distribution or Concentration of Media, Hedging or Speculation, Low Priced Housing, On Supply instead of On Demand Power Technology, Revitalizing Local Economies, Localized Production Models, International Rail Technology, International Power Line Technology, National Power Grid, National Water Ways, Terror and Privacy, Freedom and Innovation, Freedom and Regulation, Derivatives and Systemic Risk, Too Big Too Fail Too Big Too Exist, Gold or kWh as Monetary Foundation, kWh as Fixed Value for Trade and Settlements, State Power and Corrupt Democracy, Press version Corruption, Politics and Science, Corporations and Science, Medical Data and Privacy, Monopolar or Multipolar World, Central or Decentral Government, Governmental Budgets, Governmental Funding, Urbanization or Suburbanization, Global Warming or Cooling, Earth Core Physics, Earth Mantle Physics, Sun Core Physics, Universe Physics, Cosmic Radiation, Cosmic Dust, Quantum Physics, Innovation Stimulation, Market Based Full Employment, Market Symbiosis Education, Open Technology Publishing, Open Science Data, Localization of Micro Credit, War and Peace, North South Cooperation, East West Cooperation, Bilateral Opportunities, Market/State Joint Mineral/Energy Exploring, Mineral/Energy Exploration Finance Models, Mineral/Energy Exploration Funding Models, Wallstreet/Ego Capitalism or Rhine/AlterEgo Capitalism, State Income and Taxation, Human Immune System Stimulation, Digitalizing of National Cultural Heritages, Media 2.0 Business Model, Digital Affiliating, Digital Advertising, Telco 3.0 Business Model, Telco Affiliating, Dynamic Advertising Technology and Virtual Screen Technology.

If you want to be a part of one of our research projects: let us know. If you want organize a lecture at your university on one of our topics: let us know. If you want to make a media item on one of our topics: let us know. If you are a CEO and want us to address your board on one of our topics: let us know. If you hold a leading position within your Administration and want us to present on of our topics to your staff and/or their Departments: let us know. If you hold a leading position in a Central Bank and you want us to present one of our monetary topics to your board: let us know. If you are a financial and you want to realize actual economy out one of our topics and/or want that your board fully understands one of our topics: let us know.

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