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As already stated earlier: The 5 today already fully available energy transition models are: a) efficiency, b) model changes, c) photovoltaic, d) geothermal and e) deserttech. So technology is not the problem. The finance can be solved (see Energy Finance). So the only missing link is demand. More specific: communication that delivers loads of demand of households, companies and municipals. Demand searches products and finance. Even project developers will use this communication environment in their tender process for products and finance. See it as a dating site between supply and demand, with selections (queries) based on profiles. The communication technology is based on the Open Social protocol, so everybody can integrate individual customized boxes based on this technology to his/her personal/corporate/municipal profile. Click, click, click ready. From micro, by mesa to micro. So: Ready to start an PV initiative for your street/area/town/company. For municipals: start an energy project. For project developers: Start a macro geothermal or desert tech project. Or on the supply side: offering the demand of choice prices/specifications. Digital social communication has a huge effect, both in volume as in impact. Energy is Communication is very valid statement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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