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People, companies and governments start to understand that their deposits, savings and their pensions make not only their own future security, but also shape the current and future generic economic model. The awareness will rise more and more. Both by just generic media coverage on the economy and financials, but also by economic change focus movement that promotes this concept. In the US and Canada the Credit Unions are very active. In the USA there even a fast growing movement promoting this concept ( This development is feed by three major generic social/economic processes. First: the generic democracy wave that has grown the last 100 years and now reaching even the financial industry. Second: the generic transparency wave that has grown the last 50 years and now reaches it the last non transparent bastions. Third: The huge paradigmatic change of the media, giving a more pluralistic media landscape with ditto more diversity in news on the economy and financials. Fourth: IT makes it possible the manage own stocks trade and will make it possible to also determine the 'direction' of own deposits, savings and pension capital. Central in these new 'capital democracy' is energy. Energy is Direction is a very valid statement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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