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Planck Foundation has attached to the Global Future Analysis and the Global Resources Analysis the development of 12 Generic Models that can lead and support governments and companies in actual changes: the Action Model, the Communication Model, the Localization Model, the Production Model, the Mobility Model, the Transport Model, the Currency Model, the Privacy Model, the Peace Model, the Political Model, the Knowledge Model and the Finance Model. These ten generic models facilitate/support a quick transition from high energy prosperous economies to low energy prosperous economies. They are basically very simple (and therefore very practical): Where we use energy and can we avoid this by using other models that shorten physical distances and/or technologies that prevent travel/transport. Examples? Commuting is a not wanted side product of prosperity: it's a waste of energy, plus time plus money, so how we: skip the need for it by bringing the job back to town, job exchange models, remote desktop technology, sub urban joint office buildings? Airtravel will become to expensive for Joe Doo: how we give Joe Doo and his family the best holyday they have ever had more close to home, so without the energy expensive 747 engines involvement?

Author: Gijs Graafland

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