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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. If everything goes wrong normal democratic leadership becomes powerless, that's the sad thing of letting things come so far. Democracy in chaos is just only wishful thinking. The rise of Hitler has as much to do with the situation as it has to do with the political leadership and there way of cooperation between the political leaders before Hitler. When everything goes wrong and there are no good leaders, unfortunately bad leaders will take over the store, killing each civil right and repressing (or even also killing) each opposition. Totalitarianism is from economic perspective a bad performing engine: inventiveness only glooms and booms in freedom. States only can interfere negatively in this process. States can steer not perform economic development. But when everything collapse, totalitarianism is the only option besides anarchy. Russia has under Putin a short phase of totalitarianism (authoritarianism sounds better) as last resort for finding a solution for the very hard situation the Russian nation had falling to. The Medvedev/Putin phase is maybe the between phase between the former authoritarian capitalism status and further democratic capitalism status. In times of money reforms and resources targeted nationalization totalitarianism is the lender of power of last resort. This analysis is not a promotion for totalitarianism, but a warning, weak leaders in severe times leads to chaos and chaos is the birth ground of totalitarianism. Look to the birth of the USSR. Totalitarianism based state structures are not nice, for almost anyone, only for a few. As said many times yet: weak leaders leads to totalitarianism. The only recipe/formula for preventing getting totalitarianism is facing/analysing problems, communicate honest about them, getting people involved in solving them. The relatively lack of totalitarianism has boost the global economy severely, this will end. China has start growing when they abandoned totalitarianism. Myanmar will stay in the economic dark until the abandon totalitarianism.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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