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Carbon capturing will only be done is the carbon can be used. Growers like higher CO2 air levels in greenhouses (as air fertilizer). If we find ways to put CO2 back into CH we will do it. Till that time any CO2 capturing project will be turned down due to accelerating prices of energy. For example: Coal to power plants doesn't need punishing: they will need coal and the coal will not be there. The coal to power plant operators will not have capital for CO2 capturing, they will be broke. Having invested in a power plant that is expensive to fuel daily and with out that daily fuel there is no power. The whole CO2 discussion is near the cliff and will be soon over. Prices will dictate energy reductions. Huge energy bills due to market mechanism are the best preachers and actual behavior changers. Even better than Al Gore (and that's really difficult: the guy had really impact on the world).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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