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PeakEnergy denial is understandable. Denial is just one of the psychological phases we must go trough in our separation process from cheap abundant carbon energy. Denial gets dangerous as it makes us blind. This is what is happening right now. The denialers are still our hero's, they have a sexy message, we like to hear them talking, they make us happy and self-ensured, now PeakOil has become mainstream. There is no problem, the whole energy situation is a bubble. Speculators doesn't try to make a buck on higher prices, they cause them. Ban the speculators and the problem is over. And these 'low tech' nationalized oil companies, they don't know how to produce. Just de-nationalize the oil reserves again and the sun starts to shine again. The whole denial thing totally ignores that the subject involved (carbon energy) is a finite resource, that first the easy to find (and thereby to explore) oil has been found (and thereby explored), that actual produced supply doesn't grow very much and that demand is accelerating in some countries with huge populations. Denial is not based on actual data and an actual view on or analysis of the world. Denial is based on outdated historical data and ditto view on and analysis of the world. The problem with denial is: 1) It is not based on data, but on emotion (so we like to hear it and give it a lot of weight). 2) It totally runes our future by robbing even the short transition time we have. The denialers will be the jokers and in our history books of the future. People who just ruin mankind's future and caused major tragedies. Denial of riding to a cliff is not wise or funny. It is just stupid and dangerous. Denial quick sands every energy investment and transition effort. Let's find actual data and kick the denials than as facts and developments ignoring low-brained jokers out of the public debate. As long as denial lives, our future is at stake, because we will not act, as long influence rich knowledge poor people will tell us that PeakOil is only a problem between our ears and not really a problem.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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