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So our current view on energy is narrowed by our current use of sources of energy. This is understandable, but not an objective way to look to energy. We need a new look on energy. We must loose the carbon/nuclear spectacles. We first need a complete new energy theory, only than we will be able to see new opportunities. Why had people like Tesla and Einstein such a huge effect on energy science? They look to it from a total different perspective. We must start to see that there is no mass at all. Everything is just organized energy. Than we're open to accept that the whole universe is an energy model with compressions and dilutions. Compressions we call mass and dilutions we call vacuum. By enough energy compression mass gets the characteristics of touchable matters. The zero-point field is the highest form of dilution / lowest energy value that is possible by the current size of the universe. Quantum physics and the universe describes very much similar energy fields. Energy harvesting is about utilizing the energy differences between these compressions and dilutions. By the second law of thermodynamics energy always flows downstream -from high to low-. Energy potential is within the energy difference and some of it maybe can be harvested, this is the reason why converting mass -compression- into warmth -dilution- releases so much energy. Than we enter the energy room by a complete other door and are able to see complete new things by this new perspective. We need a new perspective on energy. Otherwise we just recycled yesterdays knowledge.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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