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Geo Power is a technology where hot spots in the earth are explored to generate power. This can be done by several methods/technologies. Closed circuit (so: warmth pump or warm transfer based) systems are likely to be the best option from environmental perspective seen. That warmth pump technology have good upside efficiency perspectives is very clear: to much companies are getting into this technology, something that certainly will lead to huge efficiency improvements. But new geopower technologies use of a closed circuit with a liquid with a low boiling point trough the earth, making even exploring semi hot spots possible with other than warmth pump based technologies. Due the warmth of the earth layers, the liquid gets hot/warm. When its above the ground depressurized it starts to boil. This can be used to power physical it's own pump. Or this massive volume increase can be used to drive turbines that generates power. There are several other ways to explore the geo hotspots into electrical power. Geopower can only be used in/nearby the hot zones of the world. For example is the whole east side of the US is a perfect geopower regio. One advantage of geothermal power plants, beyond the benefit of producing electricity from a low-carbon, indigenous energy source with no fuel costs, is that they provide baseload power 24 hours a day. Storage or backup-power is less required due this severe baseload. Geo survey research will become more and more important, from both energy as mineral perspective.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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