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People get the government/press the deserve/choose. From economic perspective: There is currently just no market for intelligent independent leadership and journalism. Busy with consuming we have not ideals, principles and drives. They opposition is on holiday. But will return when things goes bad. Consumerism has many followers, but they are zero loyal. If due to the Credit Crisis, the Energy Crisis and the Water Crisis purchase power vanish complete all the supporters of consumerism will find a new ideological home. Governments will face than severe oppositions. Opposition is like energy conservation: only market factors are the real drives behind it: there's no much ideology involved in both forces: it's all (and that's ok) about the money. The market situation will create oppositions in size and intensity the current generation of leaders can not handle. When people are forced to stop consumerism and get less and less purchasing power by uncompensated price increasing, they got really powered to choose instant the side of the opposition leaders. And if these opposition leaders not perform (in the future difficult situation) people will opposite the opposition leaders. Politicians who inform openly had the best chances to survive these economic storms. Politicians with no good plan/response to this new situation will find themselves very short in office. If people has bread and games they don't opposite. But take this two away of them and the leading officials are in deep trouble. Even Caesar understood that 2000 years ago. And the party is over (Heinberg) and opposition will grow from absent to overwhelming when the new economic reality will hit the markets (as in jobs, incomes, payment power and purchase power). In summer warmth there is no opposition: everybody enjoys the sun. In winter cold there will be opposition more than any leading party can handle. Than each nation needs a Thatcher who was able to canalize rough opposition to productive new situations building/supporting power.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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