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The complete focus in both the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis (and maybe also on the Water Crisis) is on 'continuation of current models'. This is weird, because everybody that digs more than half a hour seriously into PeakOil and PeakX understand that the current model has no future, because it will be faced with less supply, much more higher prices and treats of actual blackouts/shortages. We had to start with awareness, awareness on the effect of credit, energy and water on our current model, awareness about what will happen if one of those (or even two or even three) should no longer be cheap and abundant available. Then (only than) we will be more accessible and loose own wrong pointed focus. We can't maintain/isolate the current Credit Crisis: there is too much capital spoiled in a partial fake, overstretched, by cheap credit fuelled debt US economy. This never in size seen losses must be balanced somewhere sometime and that will give huge damages, bigger than we could imagine. We can't maintain/isolate the current Energy Crisis: Our economic production systems and life styles are based on cheap and abundant energy and these times are over, but we still been stocked by the old model. There is no energy alternative available right now that can replace carbon energy. We are never been able to maintain the interstate highways and the airlines by the current status or renewables. Trying to maintain the not any more able to maintain (not sustainable) energy demand is a complete misplaced focus. How much we don't like changes, let's face reality before reality faces us. It's better to brake and steer than hit the wall/ravine we will crash on. The focus should change from doing everything to maintain yesterday, to doing everything to create tomorrow. It's so obvious after just one day studying (better said, leaving the car trails and go to a 'mountain' and overlook the whole situation. The train has speed, the train is gone crash, there are brakes, there are other railways from each crossroads. Straight forward in a changed environment can be considered very stupid. Being stupid in focus concerning the Credit Crisis, the Energy Crisis and the Water Crisis is still considered sexy. It isn't. It's just dumb and reactionary. Only non-thinkers doesn't change focus if structural changes occur. Three main columns under the current model are on break of collapsing. Continuing to do if nothing is happening is just non intellectual behaviour.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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