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'Every problem is a self healing problem, so the energy problem also will be solved by itself'. That's the status of mainstream energy thinking in science, economy, companies, governments, households and by people. Too stupid for words. An insult instead of a honour for the human intellect. Without direction, intellect and capital there is no finish. The human body is very much self healing, but take away the oxygen supply and the human body collapse. The 'every problem is a self healing problem' frustrates/halts/delays the needed solutions. Fuelled by Darwin's legacy of natural selection and it's consequence that the most beautiful things just come to front automatically. But with overlooking two simple main/crucial facts: odds and time. Odds we can't afford and time we don't have. You can't unplug an engine from it's power supply and expect that it will stay running in the same speed without the energy to drive it, till a new source of energy is found. It's too stupid for words, but this is the current status of mainstream energy believe. Believe is a good word for it. Making believe or wishful thinking better. Odds that are against us: if an other sources of cheap and abundant energy was so simple (around the corner) to find, it already had been found. Simplicity kills the cat, not curiosity. It would be better if we had some less simplicity and some more curiosity. Than our future perspective would be much more better/vital. In an era knowledge is our king, energy knowledge is banded from the country by stupidity. The main thing behind this is that people don't understand the concept of energy. Energy can not be created, only harvested. Where must all that energy come from if we want to stay running the interstate highways and airlines? There is also much simplicity on the huge amounts of energy we use overall. We really don't get it. There's also much simplicity on the amount each product/service take before we consume/use it. Concerning the Water Crisis simplicity: people don't see that sweat water is running out and don't understand the fact that transforming seawater into sweatwater takes real huge loads of energy (by the current status of technology, this could become less, if we find right ways to influence this process by voltage, magnetism or catalysts), energy nobody knows where we can get it cheap, or loads of space (only available in the huge deserts of the world, but water is needed on other locations, so water also than will be very expensive relative to current cost price levels). Concerning the Credit Crisis. The simplicity regarding the Credit Crisis is beyond imagination. Nobody understand the huge amounts of capital that are used to fuel the US consumption bubble. Apparently people think that balance sheets are self healing too. This is not about stock profit that has grown and now melts away (+1-1=+0), but this is about a complete drain on global capital that has fuelled the over-stretchiness of the American Dream. Money that has been spend and someone had to pay for it or otherwise someone had to take the looses. Much simplicity on the wheat/meat ratio. Much simplicity is on the intensity of water use in the agriculture. All this chosen over-simplicity is a deliberate choice, feed by other underlying factors, as described below.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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