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For an actual and full list of local groups, sector groups, functional groups and events groups that needs sponsoring, send your own request/offer by email to Planck Foundation. Than you get a message when you can login into this part of the digital environment. The current sponsor gives for each order given to SanIndus by Planck Foundation interfacing some budget of the development of the Models/Facilities: if your organization needs storage: just consider the SanIndus technology: they'll contribute some actual financial support to Planck Foundation in exchange. Our sponsor SanIndus is also willing to support local or sector/functional initiatives and/or groups, so that they have a start budget. In the future there will be more of these market related support possibilities, as we certainly will seek for them. For more information about the SanIndus sponsor possibility of your initiative send an email to Planck Foundation.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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