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As we must change our energy use and invest in energy harvesting, we need finance. Not expensive finance, but affordable finance. The Energy Crisis is the biggest challenge for the financial industry. An industry that is terminal ill due the Credit Crisis. Solving the Credit Crisis is needed to be able to address the investments caused by the Energy Crisis. Energy investments is where the Credit Crisis meets the Energy Crisis. Later on in this report solutions for the Credit Crisis are listed, but we need an Energy Fund, guarantying banks for XX till 100% the energy investments their customers made. The solution for the Energy Crisis is 1) don't expecting that everything stays as it is (transport and mobility will be reduce very much, due to the energy intensively of both, which make them contra economic/prosperous), 2) heavy energy investments by each company, household and municipal. Finance gives decentral power production capacities, makes economies strong and resilient. The only way to overcome the Energy Crisis is massive local energy harvesting investments.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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