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Models offers instant applicable solutions. The right directions with all needed instructions and documents attached. The benefits are huge. Compare it with publishing. These days you can publish instantly. You don't have to invent a computer, a keyboard, a screen, a mouse, nor a text processor, a webpage builder, an email program and a printer: you just use them: they are invented yet and are being improved daily by a crowd of specialists worldwide. The same applies to models: They are concentrated, pre-produced, already adjusted and debugged knowledge and experience in one. One simple example: you want to build a windmill in your village/city, or you want to make it possible that each house/building owner in your village/city will have the opportunity to install solar/wind power technology with the highest output for the lowest price, or you want to build huge items like a nuclear power plant, an new technology based heavy crude oil refinery, a huge windmill park or a huge CSP desert farm: Models will give you the knowledge, technological options, designs, instructions, contracts, finance models and documents you'll need. From A to Z, from alpha to omega, from idea via realization till maintenance. Models are open source knowledge and experience openly public audited by specialists (with room for all remarks of the users). Models speed up changes enormously, without loose of quality. An other example: contracts: If there where standard contracts, legal costs will be reduced severely, without any quality setback, but with even quality improvement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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