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Clean water purification will become less needed as waste water purification advances and does pollute clean water sources less and less. The need for clean water purification is just putting the horse behind the wagon: a sign that waste water treatment has failed. Using purification additives is not without health risks: The arsenic that in the US is done in very low quantity in clean water for protecting the water during the transport in the pipelines is very disputable: it's linked by several research projects to diabetes increase (diabetes patients has higher levels of arsenic in their urine). Waste water purification treatment is mostly a local/municipal activity. Water purification bills are currently mainly not real use linked. Not in waste water quantity, not in waste water quality. This will change. Clean water purchase and waste water purification will be linked more and more in billing. Type of waste water pollution will determine the height of the waste water purification invoice. Chemical pollution by the use of chlorides (making al kinds of chloral based molecules by the reaction drive of chlorides) will be forbidden more and more. O3 will replace chlorides in households and production processes. Chemical pollution by medicines and other water dissolving molecules starts to become a real issue. Maybe O3 can play a more clean role in this chemical purification and protection process.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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