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PeakOil just terminates the old cheap fossil energy, elements, materials and food characteristic period of Cheap Carbons. Enhanced Local is what Post Carbon is all about. Build diverse, high function level, enhanced local economies. Bring in the fiber. Make videocalling possible. Enjoy the extra hour in the morning by stopping with commuting. Enjoy getting home one hour earlier and being less tiered by not commuting. Design local food production capabilities. Enjoy art and music, both locally and from the Internet. Uses your brains for your job. Enjoy bicycling and nature. Enjoy sports and dancing. Enjoy people and relations. And of course most of all: enjoy your kids. Vitalize local societies. We're not getting backwards, we're heading forwards. Create a PostCarbon society where it's very good to live in. Stay where you are. Dig in. Make a good local life with a wide cosmopolitan flavor.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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