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Is PeakOil threatening everything we've build the last 50 years? Yes and No. Yes as we embrace the past, no if we embrace the future. There are headwinds, there are tailwinds. But the combination of human freedom and intellect will give birth to the needed solutions for PeakOil. Will there be problems? Yes, we were and still are not ready for PeakOil, so yes, it will hurt our economies and thereby our governments and our lives. But everyday we start earlier the impact will be less. Solutions are in increased efficiency, new technologies, models changes and enhanced localization. Making a world that is characterized by détente and international cooperation and is able giving all the possibilities for a good life for everyone. The creation of a global economy that can support sustainable a world with 9 billion people in making a good live is certainly realizable. And yes it can be done in the next 10 years, despites all the headwinds. We're people, we're smart and inventive, as soon as we see the problem clearly. The year 2011 will become a turning point in modern global history.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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