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PeakOil will end the Cheap Carbon based economic model. It will destroy totally the Cheap Carbon type of economies. Economies that depend on huge quantities of cheap energy gets certainly into dire straits (as in: negative economic growth as best possible scenario). PeakOil is the end of economy and society as we know it. PeakOil is also the end of more and more up scaling and more and more ivory towered, more and more inbreeding government as we know it. Local will become the norm. Federal must earn again (like in the early days of government) the right of existence. Economies, societies and governments will become more diverse. People and companies will go to the areas where economy (equals to life) and government has the characteristics the need of desires. The economy of Germany after World War I was ruined by the Versailles Treaty payments. Each economy on the world that doesn’t realize transition away from accelerating becoming more Expensive Oil will be ruined by the trade deficits and inflation this will bring them. Going into PeakOil is going into economic, corporate, governmental, societal, household and personal hell.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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