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The declining supply of resources, combined with an increasing demand for resources (caused by the world's population growth and the world's prosperity growth), and the excessively increasing of resources exploration costs, will have some severe (absolutely not small) effects on local, regional, national, supranational and global economies. Unlimited shortages instead of unlimited resources, causing a market polarity changes with all its effects. That's the future of the global economy in one line. More people with more wishes will have to do deal with first equal and/or limited and later on declining resources which more and more only can be explored against much more higher costs. This certainly will have huge effects, certainly when resources that are not renewable are involved. More demand than supply and increased exploration costs will lead to much more higher prices and that will have its own effects. Price rises of resources are both a direct treat to the prosperous countries that use them currently a lot (this is grown by the former low prices). Price rises will hit the Western World severely harder. But also the Emerging World will be harmed by the effects of the limits that has rise by PeakOil and Climate Change related issues.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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