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In times of headwind, the only thing we have really to change things is our intellect. Headwinds stimulate our intellect enormously in finding solutions. Governments that still believe that terror is the greatest threat to their nation, haven't read the newspapers the last years. PeakOil is the ultimate threat to our way of living. Governments that still working on issues as Martial Law certainly break there own windows. Martial Law doesn't attract the free clear minds needed for finding, designing and realize solutions. Martial Law is a last act of a PeakOil ignoring government, turning them into a non democratic regime. Martial Law is the end of an open society. Martial Law kills creativity. Martial Law drives the Western World back in to the Dark Ages. Each government that wants to find solutions must stop any Martial Law preparation and openly declare their believe in an open society. This will pay off in accelerating out-of-the-problems progress instead of reactionary escalating situations. The history of Europe tells very clear that free societies has giving and attract the smartest brains. All non constitutional governmental activities must be stopped. Governments must openly renew their loyalty to and defending of the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the right of privacy. Only freedom has beautiful children. Freedom restrictions are a huge headwind in times of PeakOil. They frustrate the ambiance of finding and realizing solutions.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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