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How to make a world that can serve the current 6.7 billion people (like ourselves) and all the newborns and give them a good life? The answer is simple and just one word: technology. Technology is the wild card that can cover population growth and prosperity growth. Not just any technology (blind technology believe), but technology that facilitate this target (smart technology use). Finite resources we can not multiple, people and their live we love and we want to facilitate as good as possible. Technology we can. It's possible. We must change some things (like energy waste), but life will be as good as or even better than know. Only if we act. Act in building the new needed technologies. All technologies we need are available yet, accept fertilizer technology, that's the only technology we must invent rapidly, all other technologies we 'only' have to deploy (on very huge and/or massive) scale.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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