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Easy Instant Solarizing Nations

What’s needed to instant en mass solarize a nation?

Only a Letter of Credit of the national Central Bank.

Nothing more and nothing less.

With this LC as foundation China will deliver than any quantity of solar panels and invertors.

(but also electric steps, electric bicycles and electric scooters: delivering clean mobility)

This reduces energy imports severely (and by that delivering monetary health).

This delivers economic progress (and by that delivering monetary health).

This cleans city air (and by that improving city life and business culture).

Distribution will be done in a blank label (that any bank or retailer can use) online order environment.

(so this online environment can be used in their own house style by all banks and retailers)

Central Banks can use the PF's SBS (Solar Backed Securitization) system for securitizing solar loans in a SPV.

By this all Central Bankscan back their currency easily/perfect with actual energy producing distributed active assets.

This EQE/EBS system works not trickling down (trickling down doesn't work), but percolating up (percolating up works).

The concept of trickling down Financial QE has proven to damage the real productive economy.

The concept of trickling down Financial QE only pumps up the financial system further: widening the gap.

The concept of percolating up Productive QE delivers structural improvements to nations.

(stopping the monetary drain caused by energy imports, delivering more energy/employment/economic/monetary stability)

(and as non-monetary and non-economic bonus: a cleaner environment)

Return exports from the nation to China can also made a part of this model.

(delivering both additional economic progress and more monetary health by enlarging the exports)

For governments this is an easy way to both a) install massive clean power generation and b) create bilateral trade with China.

For Central Banks the SBS model is the way to stop the monetary drain of energy imports.

For Central Banks the SBS model is the way to back the currency with real producing assets.

(Planck Foundation also has a private capital driven model to easy instant solarize nations: based on a 5 to 25 times capital leverage: click here to see it)

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Gijs Graafland / Planck Foundation / Amsterdam / 2015

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Planck Foundation is dedicated to develop future global strategies for central banks, governments and corporations.