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Making The Euro More Offensive On The Global Stage

The only way to ensure a solid future of the Euro is for the ECB to become more offensive on the global stage. This can be (and should be) done in a sound monetary way (as any other way would ruin everything for sure). Itís the way to line up the Northern and the Southern realms (both monetary and political).

But first we need to draw two very important conclusions:

  1. Paper (of any kind) is not solid anymore.
  2. Trickling down has proven not to work.
These two corner stones of todayís monetary policies should be replaced by better alternatives.

Ending the free money flow towards the governments should be replaced by work on/for enlarging their tax base instead. That will give a return to a market based funding of governments again. Free money i.e. not direct assets backed finance only increases the problems (monetary/fiscal/economic/social).

How to make the Euro more important on the global stage and by that save the Euro, the ECB and the EU? By using the ECBís QE purely dedicated for investments. Both in Europe as in the rest of the global economy. Only than the focus will be deferred away from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, etc, etc. This problems focused/centred phase/attitude should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Where to invest in?
  • getting at least one solar panel factory in each nation (together with the Chinese)
  • getting the Atlantic to Pacific inland iron/rail/gas/oil/economic belt operational (together with the Chinese)
  • getting geothermal energy projects going
  • getting third generation (40% less energy use, 10% more output) iron mills in every nation (together with the Japanese)
  • getting North Africa and the Middle East greened by the use of salt seawater irrigation and salt water loving commercial crops (by use of the DesertCorp model)
  • funding exports of any (partial) European production
  • funding the electrification of Africa (see the by PF developed model for this)
How to invest?
By means of the EIB only? No.
It should be done transparent and open/available for every European company.
It should be available via any retail bank in the EU.
See our open platform models for how the ECB can handle/administrate/audit these flows.

Doing this will change the future/perspectives of the Euro, the ECB and the EU.
Not doing this will lead to a further demise of the Euro, the ECB and the EU.

And of course:
Making currency swaps with any foreign central bank that is willing to do so.
(and by that delivering demand for European products together with currency exchange rate stability)

Just become outgoing. Just as the USA/FED and China/PBOC are.
Go for it (this way, not by monetary instead of fiscal funding of states) of stop with it.
Thereís not that much in between besides the current troubles.

Questions? Just ask. Weíre studying/shaping/polishing these models already for more than 15 years.
So yes, we understand them (as we made them ourselves in those years).

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Gijs Graafland / Planck Foundation / Amsterdam 2015

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