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Global Cities Air Quality improvement by EV/GTL

It is beyond doubt that the global metropolises have severe air quality issues. Air quality issues that not only represses their economic performance/progress (business/tourism), but also lowers city life quality (making cities less fun to be for their own population: in living, in recreation/leisure and in health and the attached health costs). All global metropolises will implement clean air measures in the next decade. All of them. Not one excluded.

They will start with easy measurements that will address the biggest air polluters first (like a ban on old diesel vehicles). They will ban scooters (which are powered by an 1/50 oil added fuel and have not that good/total burning process so they produce a lot of nasty pollution), in combination with a removal fee when these scooters are replaced by electric scooters. They will subsidize electric bicycles too. They will extend their public people transportation infrastructure. They will use electric busses, electric trams, electric trains and electric subways for this. They will implement subsidizing/financing plans for electric vehicles. They will implement goods delivering schedules (by implementing city border freight exchanges). They will implement smart city traffic guidance systems (corporations like TomTom and Garmin strangely don't understand this whole huge new business cycle they can enter). They will adjust roundabouts with 45 degrees fast lanes, that increase the throughput capacity of roundabouts. They will realize traffic tunnels between city districts. They will realize city a set of ring roads with different diameters around their city. All these measures also will also lower the traffic jam problems (the other big city problem) a bit.

They will push solar panel installation roll-out as fast as they can. See the PF website for several solar panel roll-out models. There's even a specific municipal/metropolis version (, if national or central bank backing for a national roll-out is not available (yet). They will push any energy conservation technology starting with the low hanging fruit items like installing LED lights in street lights and office buildings. They will push/subsidize any (warmth pump or night ventilation) technology that could replace air conditioners even for some percentage. They will push water cooled less energy consuming datacenter technology. They will push (warm) water saving technology.

They will plan new airports of wind and somewhat out of the city, reducing the air pollution of their fast growing air traffic (which will be hydrocarbon fuelled for ever and doesn't burn the hydrocarbons that good, so air traffic air pollution is somewhat nasty in nature). The old airports will be transformed in new business parks, the runways could stay as emergency runways. These new airports will also help them in their hub/growth agenda too.

They will search connection of their cities to the national and continental railways/schedules. By normal passenger trains, by high speed passenger trains and by container trains/lines. These new rail/schedule connections also help them in their hub/growth agenda too. They will search connection of their cities to the national waterways leading to the national sea ports and develop inland waterway container terminals. These new waterway/schedule connections also help them in their hub/growth agenda too.

They will buy-out the old polluting industries in/near the cities and relocate them to a save distance of the city (enabling those industries to switch instantly to newer/cleaner technologies). The old locations will be used for new high quality real estate development (funding the buy-out of the old industries).

They will plan to replace the old in-city coal fuelled power plants by outside the city build new natural gas fuelled power plants when the connection with a natural gas pipeline infrastructure can be realized. In this perspective: China for example is making huge progress in making natural gas deals with Russia to accomplish this: not only energy volume security, nor energy transport redundancy security (by land as redundancy of the supply by sea: eliminating the energy geopolitics theory of blocked sea lanes to cut of China of it's energy supply), but also clean air agenda/demand is pushing this at fast pace.

All these measures will help to move in the right direction of cleaner air, but will not fix the problem. Too much cars/trucks will come into these mega cities each day. It's an illusion that electric people cars will replace long distance traffic (as many of the people working in those cities will move out for air quality reasons), nor heavy long distance freight trucks (as mega cities have a lot of appetite for goods: they products in a huge volume that should be trucked/railed in from distances). Long distance transport (cars and freight trucks) will never be electric based on the current battery technology (due weight and charging time): people who think this haven't though it that much through. It's also an illusion to replace hydrocarbon fuels (molecules) with electric power (electrons): people who think this haven't it that much through: they underestimate the massive energy input hydrocarbons are delivering to our economy/society and they don't calculated the energy lose of generating electric power (half to double the molecule energy is needed to generate an electron equivalent: which is the same as the energy 'efficiency' in cars/trucks by the way).

Making an economy/society fully electric needs an endless number of nuclear reactors and if you're convinced that such is a good idea: please dig into and see that the current status of nuclear energy is a beta version (V 0.2) put in production. This disaster is no longer front page news, but the site is still leaking radioactive material at large qualities into the ocean ('only' polluting the mayor food source of the world for the 21st century). Imaging having such a disaster on an inland location where no ocean dilutes the radioactive leaking conveniently. Nuclear energy could deliver new horizons for mankind, but the current state of technology is of poor beta version level: nice for testing: idiot for mass production. Engineers know that you first should make the technology good before you roll out copies of it. Nuclear energy is rolled-out for a variety of other reasons. Plus: it's the only industry that is allowed to operate without any insurance (the states will pick up the bill of their disasters) and without any responsibility for their waste (the states handle the waste the nuclear operators generate). Nuclear energy at current status is a disaster waiting to happen. Near huge cities. Well thought trough!

The thing they could do instantly that will be an instant game changer is making GTL mandatory. GTL is fuel made out of natural gas: The gas to liquid process cost energy, so GTL has a higher price per energy molecule, but GTL fuels burn as clean as natural gas (not that much air pollution). This measure will clean the air instantly. The price is higher than of normal truck diesel / car gas, but business / wage earnings are better in cities too, so that's just the price of operation cars/trucks in a metropolis. This measure will improve city air quality really overnight. If there's a supply issue, any global/regional hydrocarbon operator is certainly to make a deal with any metropolis council in creating GTL capacity if the price premium is covered by mandatory legislation. If the metropolis is connected to the national natural gas pipe line infrastructure this could be done even somewhere in the neighbourhood of the city (far away not to burden the city air quality by its production). GTL is also the way to export natural gas when intra-continental pipe line infrastructures are build (as it can be exported as fuel in ocean tankers), connecting demand and supply (as investments need to be secured, pulling the strength of the demand into the finance of the supply/production).

And the CO2 issue than? Is CO2 a city polluting gas? No. CO2 is not pollution, but a crucial building block of life (CO2+light+water=CxHx+02), something many people 'forget' to tell you or talk about. Believe what you want to believe, but Al Gore is no scientist, but a politician pur sang and one of the Malthusian 'faith'.

Malthusianism has been proven wrong since Thomas Robert Malthus published his 'all and everything is doomed' theory in 1798: see for more details on this anti-science / anti-progress movement Malthusianism is also quite a lot 'an angry/reactionary white man's theory' (too much of 'others' polluted their all-for-us fantasy world/hegemony) re-invented in the 60ties/70ties in the USA. The geopolitical elite of the USA feared that the USA would become irrelevant simply due to the logic of numbers. Malthusian theories are very much western global hegemony driven. Malthusianism (deliberately) holds back the paradigmatic changes delivering wild card of technological progress, to paint the wanted dark pictures/ideology. They just do not want to calculate science progress into their predictions. They support a theory that in all fields of science since its first publication already nearly 220 years empirical has been proven wrong. Malthusian scientists (like Paul R. Ehrlich) just need higher prozac prescriptions, not more airtime and/or a prominent place in the public debate. Malthusianism is anti-science and anti-human/anti-nature in it's core. Robbing a whole new generation of a positive future perspective (as AGW does with their fear mongering) is near criminal/immoral. Robbing a whole generation of positive future perspectives while private loading money doing so is not near, but pure criminal/immoral.

Consensus by the way is certainly not a science word (it's even an anti-science word: science is about keep asking questions, digging deeper, not being satisfied that easy), but a pure political word. Climate changes are of all times (but this time we can handle the consequences better than ever, due our technological progress). Climate changes are mainly is driven by geo (core) physics, solar (core) physics, solar system physics, Milky Way physics and universe physics, in ways far above the comprehension of simple answers loving Al Gore (who sells parts of the puzzle as the whole picture). Never let politicized science make you believe that CO2 is the main driver of the global climate.

Every time an AGW subsidy junky scientist talks over 'those new extremes' you should laugh or cry or both simultaneously. Their disrespect for historic climate data is chilling. Stalin for sure would be jealous at this random at convenience rewriting of the history (of the global climate). We're more green/social and pro-global-development than many, but we don't need lies to sell a sustainable, green, circular economy/society: it's just the best performing system: it don't needs this extreme fear mongering.

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Gijs Graafland / Planck Foundation / Amsterdam / 2014

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