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Emerging Nations - Airport City PPP

Huge Demand

The new mega cities of the Global East and Global South (those with > 5 million inhabitants) have been exploding in size the last decade. Much of the infrastructure connecting them could not keep up with this growth. The new mega cities are in dire need for connecting infrastructure expansion. Not only in roads, waterways and rail but also in airports (both for people and freight connectivity by air). Airports connect those cities not only national, but also international. In the competition with other national mega cities having a huge airport will become a main facet. Hubbing is still a major mega city economic driver.

PPP Solution

Those cities/municipals have the desire to catch up as soon as possible in this realm. Signing a 50/50 based PPP deal that delivers instant combined proven track records in the whole wide realization/operation spectrum needed for this is the fastest way to get these airports and supporting facilities and surrounding areas developed. The city/municipal brings in the location as the PPP equity. The city/municipal will have by their 50% stake in the PPP they always have direct influence. The need for a fast delivering PPP solution can best been seen in the non-PPP model failures (like Berlin Brandenburg Airport: under construction since 2006, missing 4 opening dates since than). The PPP solution cuts the project in parts and delivers for each part a constructor and operator with a proven track record. The finance will be done by the PPP (based on a city/municipal guarantee).

Facilities Included

A central terminal (operated by an european proven record mega airport operator), 4 sets of multiple runways (in each wind direction), logistical warehousing in the spaces between the runways, jet fuel infra, city connecting fast transportation, a very high quality green business park around it (with circle wise high frequency unmanned public transportation).

Getting Started

Governors of the mega cities/municipals in the Global East and Global West are welcome to see/discuss our model at our offices on Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.

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Planck Foundation is dedicated to develop future global strategies for central banks, governments and corporations.