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Emerging Nations - Space/Sky PPP


The emerging nations are developing self-esteem at fast pace. The old narrative that the Global West was superior is away. The political leverage of the Global West declined after the post 9/11 invasions, which set the MENA region in fire and destabilized Central Asia, destroying international law. The moral leverage of the Global West declined after torturing and rendition became common practice and corpus habeas as foundation of the legal system was abolished: destroying the foundations of both international and national law. The economic leverage of the Global West declined after the financial meltdown of 2007/2008. The fact that the Global West has almost no economic growth anymore. The Global Rest is very aware that the 'growth' of the Global West after mid 90ties was primarily credit based and had not that much to do with real sustainable economic growth. These events together with the fact that the Global Rest had a decade of nearly double digit (10%) economic growth has giving the emerging nations (the Global Rest) a lot of self-esteem. Visit any municipal in the Global Rest and you know that the narratives like the second world and the third world are outdated and 20th century old skool. Todayís realities are different. Todayís self-awareness / self-assertion too.

Space/Sky Sovereignty

In the realm of space/sky technology the Global West has still an advantage on the Global West. The emerging nations donít like that too much: itís a threat to their sovereignty they want a) to control their own airspace) and to their development (as space technology could deliver a lot to national economic development: they donít want to be dependent on foreign space technology). Space technology is about control (borders, infrastructure, sky, etc), resources (finding water, oil, gas, minerals) and agriculture (rain, temperature, status, etc). Crucial facets for nations and their economic progress.

Technological Backlog

The emerging nations want to solve their space technology backlog. They want be less independent of the big brothers of the Global West, they want to get their hands on the steering wheel of their own air/space development. The trust in the good intensions/practices of the Global West has declined to lower than ever levels, as has their self-awareness risen to higher than ever levels.

Backlog Advantages

Having no own space/sky technology yet is also an opportunity. As the new satellite technology is relative very cheap. As drones replace satellite functions more and more. Examples? An own (of some) GPS satellite is not expensive (but even more cheaper is to use the american, the russian and the chinese GPS satellite signals together as these satellites only deliver an ID and time stamp). An own (or some) telecom satellite is not expensive. An own (or more) tv broadcast satellite is not expensive. An own (or more) multichannel television broadcast satellite is not expensive. An own (or more) multichannel radio broadcast satellite is not expensive. An own time stamp satellite is not that expensive. An own Wikipedia satellite is not expensive. An own remote sensing satellite is not expensive (regardless the type or sensors). Nations can decide to make the sensing data open available (triggering market use of that data and stimulating commercial use of it for mapping, agriculture, exploration, fishing, etc, etc, etc). Low orbit space technology is cheap. Launching can be done together with others or dedicated. Drone technology is even more cheap. While other nations have older technology and more debt due the former higher costs, the emerging nations can have better technology for less money. A same situation can be realized in iron milling: the new third generation mills are performing by less energy and deliver more iron output. Less debt and better technology are not bad things.

Space/Sky PPP

Emerging nations that want to develop own space/sky industry and want to do that based on state owned satellites can consider to do a Space/Sky PPP. This will deliver their universities home grown whole chain knowledge by connecting them to people in this sector worldwide, deliver them an airspace control environment, deliver them an air space defence environment, deliver them the core groundstation/satellites/equipment they want without any state debt (as the model is based on a state guarantee). This PPP model is (like all other Planck Foundation's national PPP models) the right combination between state driven central investments, the national universities and private market business/enterprises.

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Planck Foundation is dedicated to develop future global strategies for central banks, governments and corporations.