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As more national governments are getting into funding dire straits their public funded scientific education (and attached scientific research) are hitting dire straits too.

This is getting addressed by an inflow of corporate money: creating a situation where governmental funding and corporate funding is merged in non-compartmented structures. This non-compartmentalization erodes the quality of both education and research very much: corporations pay only 5% of the total budget and get to determine 95% of the education and research direction in return (5% funding delivers 95% biasing). This non compartmented way should be abolished.

There are currently in mainstream politics three ways/visions to address this:

- governments retract fully out of both scientific education and scientific research
(by selling those structures to the market by a public offering/auction)
(full privatization of education and research as the current combined units)

- governments retract only out of the research area
(partial privatization: only the research units are privatized by public offering/auction)
(their connection with the education units are cut: to ensure non-biased education)

- governments retracts also out of the education area
(letting students pay the full cost of their education)
(with an attached governmental guaranteed student loan program by banks)

As stated above: situations where governmental funding and corporate funding is merged in non-compartmented structures are not wise. Not for scientific education (gets biased by it), not for scientific research (patents are NOT delivering science development, but rather blocks it severely. Governmental funding of 95% of the budgets of the research that made the patents possible and than delivering the patents to those who only pay 5% of the budgets is not only a bad deal, it’s also corporate welfare at the cost of the taxpayer: governmental funding research should never lead to proprietary/closed science, but to open science: available/useable for anyone and any company/corporation/organization: privatizing profits, socializing costs is not a right model).

But there’s a yet unknown fourth way/vision/option available: Dividing the Bachelor funding of the Master and beyond funding.

The bachelor period funding (an important social and economic facet as they deliver equal scientific education opportunities for all intelligent youth) could be done by:

a) Fully by student loans (delivering students a start of their life in debt: a wrong start of any career: something those political in charge haven’t experienced themselves as they were ‘baby boomers’ and for them life is about a different set of rules for them: they started their careers with zero debt: quiet another start of their adult economic/family live: baby boomers are ungrateful looters by definition: cutting of the youth and the elders for feeding their own ‘never enough at the cost of everyone’ game/policy they play with power: they have become worst than their own 60ties/70ties nightmares), (in this system no additional state funding should go directly to the university, but it’s still a non-compartmented system with corporate biased risks, but that’s for the student to assess, user driven media will deliver transparency in this, structural biasing is getting hard in a user driven media era).

b) Fully by the state (as stated above: it’s too sad for words that all those in charge now and who want to restrict scientific education budgets till say only 5 years are those who have studied 10 till 14 years themselves: see the above lines on the baby boomer generation and their looting practices). If the state pays only the bachelor period (a free grant to pay the university costs) the overall scientific education and scientific research budget will be minimalized maximal: delivering a solution for the budgets problems of the state by a huge cut on the scientific education and scientific research budget. Student loans than are only for personal budget purposes for students. Students who don’t want to loan can work their way through the bachelor period. Student loan interest rates should be fixed rate or maximal 5% topped: floating interest rates have the risk to rise to 20% (as it was the situation in the early 80ties: driving all student loan debtors bankrupt). States should abandon floating rate funding for this purpose (for all purposes: financing long with short is asking for deep dire straits somewhere in the future).

The master (and beyond) period funding should be done by business/corporate sponsoring. This lifts the pressure of this of the state budgets. This also delivers a healthy (wide, not concentrated, not narrow crony capitalism of the connected few) merge between the science available/developing in universities and science available/developing in businesses/corporations. The holy grail all governments are longing for (as that translates itself in innovation and thereby in economic progress). Lower state budgets and better science outcome and more innovation. Win/Win/Win. No unemployed scientists anymore. Highest quality of science by a good non biased merge of the two mayor science sources (universities and corporations). Fastest innovation cycles to compete on the global market. Economic improvement that will fund state budgets by less costs and more revenues too. It also prevents biased/eroded ‘science’ by buying up by grants the opinion of university professors: Education stays more open/real scientific by this in design / by concept (of course will corporations try to buy the opinion of professors and faculty leaderships (there is no law against it, only moral code: corporations like Monsanto will shower professors and faculty leaderships even more than): but at least the core of the system is in this model cleared of structural science direction biasing.

Theoretical there’s also a fifth way/vision/option also available: QE for Education, but this is only a theoretical third option (although it build nations and secure their future), as targeted QE is a merge between the government and the currency and therefore it will be a no go area for at least the next decade: we’ve chose to let money creation in the hands of bankers and let them use this for parasitic behaviour on any good value and that will not change ever (even if changing would result in huge things as a taxation free economy: they have bought us and we’re owned since than: delivering them the licence for money creation was the dumbest decision ever made in global political/economic history). And yes we know that politicians love to spend money without limitations (therefore restriction mechanisms should be put in place). And yes we know that corporations will (soft or hard) bribe politicians to rain money in their directions (therefore restriction mechanisms should be put in place). But still: money creation by the state delivers a taxation free economy, while government still functions (as government is something that prevents the law of the jungle: something the hard core libertarians are not willing to see).

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Gijs Graafland / Planck Foundation / Amsterdam 2014

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