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Islamic finance and economy has some admirable trades (in a nutshell: stimulating Productive Capitalism and repressing Financial Capitalism and not the other way around as now is the mainstream development in the Global West). So: What if you or your nation like most of the facets of Islamic view on finance and economy and you’re not a Muslim nor a Muslim nation? Is the Islamic view on finance and economy not just a preference for Productive Capitalism and a statement against Financial Capitalism? Or: Is the Western look on economy and finance just too heavy influenced/poisoned by looting principles: as it facilitates a drain from the real economy towards the financial economy. And: Is draining the real economy not a that good/smart concept? Yet that’s just what Financial Capitalism does. As it widens the wealth gap within economies/societies.

The Islamic finance and economic models are interesting, they even could be seen as better than those that current are destroying/imprisoning the economies of the Global West. Or more diplomatically said: The Islamic finance and economic models are delivering more the wanted output than the financial and economic model of the Global West. Better said: the Islamic finance and economic models are delivering Productive Capitalism (with all its advantages) and prevents the rise of Financial Capitalism (with all its downsides). Therefore are the Islamic views on finance and economy are way more attractive than the Anglo-American views on finance and economy that are currently prevailed in the Global West.

What's the core of Islamic Finance? Loans are replaced by equity, so interest is replaced by a risk- and result fee. The person/entity who/that gets the finance delivers a part of the profit to those that delivers the finance. So user/deliverer are in the same boat. Making the deliverer much more careful in investing. In this model there's a direct connection between the activity/service and the finance that makes the realization possible. No derivates, no systemic risks. Just mutual performance focused. Amortization and interest collecting is replaced by a mutual interest based model. It also prevents to grow the financial industry to the bigger than wise size of beyond 2 % GDP (by financial industry with a size of above 2% GDP the financial industry becomes parasitic on the real economy). An interest driven financial system rewards asset accumulation instead of asset production: so it can't have a general interests favouring effect by design.

As Financial Capitalism has steered the Global West to dire straits, the solution could be adapting secular the financial and economic models of the Islam. They will deliver Productive Capitalism to the max. The Islamic finance and economic models are the hidden/forgotten/neglected diamonds of the Islamic culture. In a time when Islam has some severe PR issues due extremists (and the bad by association impact is determine the public opinion in the Global West unreasonable but massive), these two diamonds of Islamic culture should be promoted to the max by the Islamic world, as they could offer the Global West a way out of their dire straits and decline.

Not only for Islam and the wellbeing/performance of the Islamic world, but also/just for the wellbeing/performance of the Global West. This is not a religious statement (as we’re neutral in matters of religion). This is statement on the right direction of finance and economy. The Global West has to loose (better said: is loosing due circumstances) its arrogance and attitude of superiority. Paving the road for integrating of some proven third party wisdom. Not only the economic views of Islam need to gain influence in the Global East and Global West, but also the views of Buddhism (wellbeing besides possessions and more in relation with nature) and Confucianism (social relations within generations/environments). The Global West has lost its claim on operating the only economic truth in a shamefull debt burdened growthless/declining way (beside that it lost -by torture etc- its moral leadership since 9/11).

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