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Telco 3.0: the Telco out of the Cloud model

What all telecom operators experience today is a steady decline of their traditional revenue streams (voice/text/data) due to the availability of free of charge competition.

Their current business model is not that valid anymore (due to the subscription contracts there's some delay in real effects, but this advantage is drying up quite fast).

What the telcos need (‘yesterday’) is a new business model (we call it the Telco 3.0 model) which must be build on ‘Telco out of the Cloud’ items:

  • storage (with a whole service environment around it)
  • (video)communication (video/audio/text with a whole service environment around those 3)
  • productivity (every program possible via AL -application launching-: the ultimate voluminous app store)
Any telco is able to market those three for them new functionalities massively (they need new revenues: so they will do).

Any telco needs also the following three as platform to be able to market the 3 above (as they understand those three not that much by themselves).
  • identification/authorization (DS)
  • billing (CDRs)
  • hardware/cloud (hardware/software manufacturers will fund these investments: so unlimited scaling is possible)
At Planck Foundation we’ve integrated all those 6 into one technological model with also transparent branding possibility too (so they can roll it out in any brand in any language).

2016 Update: Boards of telecom operators that are interested in an updated version of this model (describing 8 > E/$ 1 billion/year turnover potentials) could email us for getting a presentation of those 8 with a Q&A session for them at the end (so that all board members understand the potential of each of those 8). We offer this model in a 50/50 joint venture model to national/international operators, delivering them the start of a > E/$ 1 billion/year potential each quarter in a period of two year, turning these telecom operators from gradual decline into sharp growth.

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Gijs Graafland / Planck Foundation / Amsterdam / 2014

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